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Reply to "Who concerns me?"

quote:   Originally Posted by A. Robustus:
quote:   Originally Posted by Gnu:

Satanists have way more in common with Christians then they do with Atheists.

That's true. Both Satanists and Christians are believers in supernatural deities with corresponding dogma and rituals.  Atheists don't believe in either Christ or Satan or Wotan or Leprechauns.

Hi Robust and Gnu,


So, WHAT do atheists believe in -- NOTHING?   What motivates the atheist?   What is his/her reason for getting out of bed in the morning?  What does an atheist have to look forward to in life?


Since atheists cannot center their lives around God -- are all atheists center around ME, I, or NOTHING? 


How will this benefit ME? -- What will I get from this? -- This is what I want to do! -- I have created MY own world!  In my view, this seems like a person using a teaspoon in an attempt to dig his/her Well Of Life.


God bless, have a wonderful, blessed day,



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