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Reply to "Who concerns me?"

Originally Posted by gbrk:

I know many Atheist feel that Christians fear them or want to threaten them.  I cannot disprove that for I can only go by what they say.  I, personally, have never been around a Church or Christians who hate Atheist or who threaten them however I cannot say the same as for Satanist.  That group of folks I have heard remarks, from other Church folks that they fear them and what they believe. 


I ran across an article about a mug shot of a criminal who would certainly concern me if I saw him out, whether or not I knew he was a criminal.;title=Albert_Tejeda



For me this type of person I would fear, just from the appearance of him.  That may not be right but there is something about the pentagram, and it's placement, that kind of says this guy has some kind of message he wants to send.


Regarding the previous statement about not hearing a Christian say a threatening thing about an Atheist I will retract it for just one point.  Although Atheist was not specifically named the discussion was about protesters who, in San Fransisco, went into a worship service and purposely disrupted it and the statement was made from a couple of the ushers that if it happened in their Church they would exercise the demons from them by the laying on of hands.  The statement was not from a Pentecostal group so all of us knew the insinuation was meant that they would lay hold on the offenders and escort them from the service/property if they made that kind of demonstration in one of the Church Services here.

This type of "in your face" statement by what I consider a possessed person

has become common place. It's only going to get worst with time.


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