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Reply to "Who concerns me?"

quote:  Originally Posted by Jennifer Bestworking:

Atheists get out of bed for all sorts of reasons.  We work, we have families we love and support.  We have friends we socialize with.  We have hobbies.  We have dogs, cats, other pets.  We go to movies, we do ordinary things like anyone else.  We look forward to all sorts of things.  Retirement, grandchildren, travel, more time to be with family and friends.  Our lives center around our loved ones bill.  You are a sad sad person if you think a belief in a god is all there is to life.  Pitiful pitiful man. As usual your view is messed up.  One thing I can tell you is this, you seem a heck of a lot more self centered than anyone, atheist or christian, that I know.

Originally Posted by Bill Gray:
Hi Jennifer,

Now I think I see the problem.  You have trouble seeing; possibly an "eye problem" or more clearly stated, an "I problem."   God is not all there is to our lives.  It is just that God is the Core -- and from Him flows all that is good in our lives.  You see, God is the Nucleus around which our Atomic Spiritual Life is built.  Without that Nucleus -- there is no Spiritual Life.

And, Jennifer, thank you for being my Friend.  Thank you for being so concerned with what I write.  I pray my writings will continue to benefit you, all of our Forum Friends, and me.  May we all learn together.



OMG! Bill, you just don't stop, do you? You take a perfectly sensible post from Jenn & try to turn it into the negative.


I, for one, am concerned about what you write & the people that you often mislead & those that you turn away from Christianity. Your wearing the Christian hat to fool good people. It's a shame!


Anyone that constantly calls people his friends that have told you they are not your friend, is a serious indication of self esteem problems. Ever thought about therapy?