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Reply to "Who would be President ?"

Jutu posted:
Dr. John posted:
L. Cranston posted:
Jutu posted: dare you introduce a subject that has not been approved for discussion by the democrats here? You know only their ideas and thoughts are allowed to be expressed. Do anything else and they rear their ugly heads and spew their snarky comments...because polite discussion and debate are strangers to them.

Show one "polite discussion' you're involved in, on these forums, please. I'm calling BS on there being one here.

I don't usually bet, but if anyone thinks Jutu has ever uttered a kind word on this forum, I'll be happy to take their dollars.

First let's find anywhere you have ever *uttered* a kind word to anyone. This is what all of you do...running in to make snarky remarks to others that aren't even addressing you....trying to pick fights.  That's all any of the dems posting here are able to do....again, because polite discussion and debate are strangers to them.

I knew you couldn't find a civil discussion involving you. Please, tell us more about how you hate 50% of the country.

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