Reply to "Why did the Times Daily cut out the Religious Section?"

hmmm, i have to disagree with you on this one Sl,,to a point. We are speaking of this single thread here on these forums aren't we?
Granted maddog does have some really strong opnions,but why was he not addressed? Maybe he is in need of guidence to help him overcome such strong feelings/opnions?
What I saw in this tread from the very beginning post by Mr Bevis was ;
[Posted 09 December 2006 07:03 PM
I am concerned that the Times Daily has eliminated the Faith/Religious Section in it's Saturday paper. The religious heritage of the Shoals community is strong and vibrant. Why has the Times Daily decided to disregard this.]

he is addressing the religous heritage of the Shoals community,and by his opnion the Times Daily has disreguarded. It was discussed by many,some negative opnions,some very positive,but it WAS discussed. Is that not the purpose of a message forum?
Then he returns to post this;
[Wow, never would I have believed my question would have caused so much discussion and take off on so many rabbit trails. It seems that all of those wounded by the church and those with bitterness toward God's people have gotten together and had a party around this subject. I still believe the Times Daily needs a "real" Life section that centers around life in Jesus Christ and the spread of His kingdom. Regarding the RV, we didn't get it. Maybe we never will but regardless of whether we do or know, we will go on, as His servants, sharing hope and encouragement with all who will listen. May the Father of grace and mercy, bless you all.]

now what is it exactly that Mr Bevis is seeking from this thread? he wanted the religous section to celebrate the Shoals religous heritage as stated in his first post. Then returns to pass judgement on the nay sayers,but in the same post says he will continue on as His servant.
he totally ignored answering my question as to what happened to the monies collected for the RV, was there a deadline to purchase this? I see the plea for donations is still up on the website.