Reply to "Why did the Times Daily cut out the Religious Section?"

Originally posted by smurph:
hey go check out the website

did not see anything TEACHING, or glorifying God, but a WHOLE LOTTA glorifying members of the group,little mentioned about God

oh and you will notice on the front page they are presently taking donations for athe purchase of a motor home,LOL,LOL,LOL

I had to look also, I found the store where things are sold.. I found a lot of things that didn't make me even think it was a Christian site, just glorifying people, like smuph said.

Church=Building.. REAL CHURCH=What is in ones's heart, what one does for others, how one worships God in their minds and hearts, and that, in my opinion does NOT mean a 5 million dollar building. I just cannot wrap my brain around that,...

How many poor people, needy children could that money have gone to instead of a building? Matters NOT what the building looks like, matters not what it cost, matters not if the sidwalks are paved, or the lawn has thousands of dollars worth of landscaping. What matters to ME is that the money spent building that Empire that I am speaking of, COULD have actually gone to doing God's work.

God's work never included competeing to see whose Church is bigger and better.

And Preachers, no matter what anyone says, are merely men, human beings, just as we all are. I have been to organized religious Churches, and there is only one small one that I ever felt comfortable with. The Preacher there didn't get one single penny for the Services he rendered, he had a full time job, and a full time Ministry. And every penny that the Church took in went for helping poor, needy people, older people buy their medicine that without it would kill them, and all sorts of glorious deeds.

Never will I go anywhere again that has huge buildings, sculptured lawns, and sidewalks... THAT in and of itself speaks volumes on what goes on... Seen it firsthand.

I love God with all my heart, and the good thing is that HE knows it!!! That is more important to me than huge buildings with youth groups that have to actually PAY to have an afternoon with the preachers wife.. go figure..

Anyway, I am only 2 pages into reading this, and I just had to add a couple of cents to the conversation.