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James T is all about everybody having a gun for personal protection,  consider this:

you wake up in the middle of the night and people are coming into your house 

you get your gun and shoot them., Alabama law states you can do that.

the intruder is shot , maybe killed and you are a hero to your family and the community at large.


you wake up in the middle of the night and people are coming into your house

you get your gun and shoot them , Alabama law states you can do that,

The intruder is a cop - or group of cops misdirected to your address. you kill one or two.

If you live after being shot in your bed , you will be put on trial for killing a cop, convicted and sent to prison for life if you are lucky, given the needle if not.


The question I pose, is how, in the middle of the night when you are sound asleep, and someone is coming into your house are you suppose to make that judgement call ?

Something here seems to be missing.


Keep in mind that not all are mistaken addresses. In fact, that happens a small percentage of the time. There are real situations where knocking before making entry would result in the loss of life for police. It isn't a good situation either way. Would you be surprised that most police officers do not want that to happen and take measures to prevent it?


And yet, they have gone from 3000 in 1981 to 50,000 in 2005.
Although it would seem that the people who were wrongly killed are just considered to be an occupational necessity , IMHO, one single innocent person killed in one of these "no knock raids" is an atrocity in what is supposed to be a country where a person is supposed to be safe inside their own home. How has our country come to this point ?


There you go again supposing. No one wants to "wrongly kill" someone. It is not a necessity. Your bias really intervenes in your rational thought process. What I meant was that wrong addresses are far less frequent than successful no knock warrants. Officers typically take every measure to prevent such an incident from happening.


Well, I do agree on that , but still, like I said, one innocent person who is killed by a mistake whether it be a bad address, or whatever is too much.
While I harbor no love for drug dealers, I do have a great love of our Constitution , and I believe breaking into someone's house and shooting them in their bed is just Constitutionally wrong. Scum that they may be, they are entitled by the Constitution to a fair trial .
Just like police high speed chases in the case that they know who they are chasing, I believe innocent people are put in harm's way unnecessarily . There are times where those things may be necessary, but I tend to think it is far less than it is practiced.

(BTW, I don't always blame the individual cop - I think a lot of this is institutional and the cop is just following orders, with the exception of the jerk we saw the video of at that DWI stop - that was just a jerk being a jerk)



How is a search warrant signed by a judge unconstitutional? And the police don't execute search warrants just to shoot someone in their bed.


Not referring to search warrents, referring to the semingly increasing incidence of a police raid that just comes in and shoots people in their bed. 
Sorry, but I got a real problem with that being Constitutional.



Because American police shooting citizens in their beds is so common?