Reply to "Why Should Someone be Banned?"

Originally Posted by ShugaPush:

The other thing is something that I caught in this post. Semi, you say

"There’s been twice recently, both on the same day, that Bill made a comment to Wooley that I felt was report/ban worthy. I, in fact, reported one of them."

But in another post you said two days ago

"I have only reported someone ONE time & it's been so long ago, I honestly can't remember why or who it was."

Sorry, one more thing, who's the "fireman"?


When I posted I had only reported someone ONE time, I said it was a long time ago.

If you'll notice the dates in my post, Bill made those remarks on Sept. 30. And I said, "in fact, I reported one of them".

As of now, I have made two reports.

The Fireman is Bill's other ID.