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The other thing is something that I caught in this post. Semi, you say

"There’s been twice recently, both on the same day, that Bill made a comment to Wooley that I felt was report/ban worthy. I, in fact, reported one of them."

But in another post you said two days ago

"I have only reported someone ONE time & it's been so long ago, I honestly can't remember why or who it was."

Sorry, one more thing, who's the "fireman"?


When I posted I had only reported someone ONE time, I said it was a long time ago.

If you'll notice the dates in my post, Bill made those remarks on Sept. 30. And I said, "in fact, I reported one of them".

As of now, I have made two reports.

The Fireman is Bill's other ID.



Thanks for telling me about the fireman. I hadn't noticed him. Best, years ago I started a topic about Bill. I'm not his cheerleader by any means, but I don't want to see someone railroaded.


Semi, that date is wrong, you said it on October 4th you had reported only one person. Then on Oct. 6th you said you had reported Bill. The October 4th post was on another topic. I'll see if I can find it. I wouldn't be so nitpicky, but I'm concerned Bill, like him or not, is being set up. Live and let live.