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so this Bill Gray character is a baptist preacher. Where does he preach at? Anyone know? I don't post much for the sake of not arguing with someone looking to pick a fight, but I'd love to attend his pulpit and let his fellow parishioners know of his ideologies and good christian behavior towards others. At least to see him squirm if nothing else.


As for wooly, his avatars have caught my attention several times which is good for his cause. It got his posts read. But I don't see that he should be banned for the pure hatred and disagreement of the likes of one Mr. Bill Gray.


Bill is a wanna be preacher. He lives in California but claims to know a lot about this area because he was "raised" here 70-80 years ago. He claims to have a huge following of people that "love" him, due to his "gift" of writing that he says God gave him.

He uses this forum & the people here in his writings. (of course, those people don't know about the "Christian" attitude he uses with us). He wants those people to see how he "endures" the lot of us & the troubled walk he has trying to tell us uneducated rednecks abut God.


You, my friend, have a troll! A troll from California whom has nothing better to do than create multiple account names on forums and entice it's users who take the bait that he's fed them. Although I highly doubt he's from California, so let's play along that he is. He really has way too much time on his heavenly hands and it's really sad that a man of God would abuse his precious time on a forum antagonizing it's users from across the country. His futile blessing here could be used in a much more constructive manner and therefore is a pure waste of the little time that he has left. Now that's a shame.


I'm not sure if this forum has a way to block certain users, but I do believe he'd go away if he stopped getting a rise out of the patrons of this forum.