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Reply to "Why Should Someone be Banned?"

Originally Posted by ShugaPush:

I made a mistake. It was October 5th at 10:59 you said you'd only reported one person a long time ago. Then this post you say you reported Bill is dated 20 hours ago, so that would be roughly Oct. 7th at 1:30 a.m. My math is so bad but something like 38 hours apart? Not four or five days. Just wanted to prove I don't have alzheimer's yet.


Originally Posted by Infomercial:

Okay, one more time. Wooly was banned on Sept. 30th? Right? So Bill commented on Sept. 30 or before right? So it wasn't after Oct. 5th that semi reported him. Just wanted to clear that up. She just didn't remember it had been so long? Yeah. Sorry, Shuga to steal your topic, but I just noticed it and yes I think it's odd. And, semi, I don't care if you report Bill.


Ok, I’ll bite & try to explain it one more time so listen up, please.


On October 5 in another topic I posted in reply to Bill: “I have only reported someone ONE time & it's been so long ago, I honestly can't remember why or who it was”.  If you notice, I said, it's been so long ago, I honestly can't remember why or who it was”. My mind is not so bad that I can’t remember what I did within a few days time. The first time I reported anyone was not long after I joined this forum which was almost 3 years ago. That I do remember.


On Oct 6th, ONE DAY LATER, I posted: "There’s been twice recently, both on the same day, that Bill made a comment to Wooley that I felt was report/ban worthy. I, in fact, reported one of them".

I reported Bill right before I started this topic, which was what gave me the idea for the topic in the first place. That was my second time to report anyone.  I did not suggest in my report that Bill be banned, only that those post he made be deleted & perhaps a warning before he suggest or hints again that someone on this forum is a Pedophile.

Hopefully, this will clear the time-line up. If not, I don't care. Maybe someone else can try explaining it to you both.


ShugaPush, I didn't see anyone mention Alzheimer's but you.


And Infomercial, my comment that I had reported Bill was for Bill. How many times has Bill said he had or was going to report someone? Have you bothered to mention to him that you don’t care?


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