Reply to "Why the GOP Thinks You're Stupid"

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Uber, I don't have time right now to look at that, but I will as soon as I get home... I HATE PLAGIARIZING!!!!

If one is going to do that, then give the person who wrote it the CREDIT... by the way, isn't plagiarizing illegal???

Although unethical, and with this particular poster, nauseating, I believe it's only plagarism if it's for profit.[/QUOTE]

How to respond to the charge of Plagerism? Its a sticky problem.
Let me try, by quoting Kr King on a totally off topic subject of historical interest. "I fear I am integrating my people into a burning building."

That is a plagerism. I am not quoting Dr King, I am Quoting Rev. Farrakahn, who was quoting Harry Belefonte, who, according to Farrakahn was quoting Dr. King from a private conversation.
By Claiming I am quoting Dr King, I am plagerizing Rev Farrakahn. He was not plagerizing, he QUOTED Mr. Belefonte. properly written it would say, Rev. Farrakahn says Harry Belefonte told him that Dr. King said, "I fear that I am integrating my people into a burning building."
Plagerism is using someone else's work in a way that makes it seem to be your own. Cut and paste, without identification of the author is plagerism. I DON'T THINK THIS POST WAS THAT AT ALL.
Now to the issue of who thinks who is stupid.
It is not stupidity the GOP is depending on for its control of public opinion, it is ignorance. The GOP tries very hard to control the flow of information. So de the Democrats. It can be VERY HARD to show, demonstrate, or otherwise prove that the world is not flat. If, like Copernicus, you do the work to demonstrate the spherical earth, someone burns you at the stake for saying it, YOU LOOSE ALL CREDIBILITY. If the government claims Tax Revenues are at their highest level in history, and you attempt to prove otherwise, and (in my estimation) prove your position, you can be metaphorically burned at the stake for saying what you proved.
The Plagerism charge, true or not, does not alter the facts presented, and do not disprove the truth of the criticism that was made. CORPORATE PROFITS ARE UP 45% AND WAGES ARE UP 3% AND TAX REVENUES REFLECT THAT. Good, corporations that are taking more of our hard earned money in the form of their private taxation, called profit, are giving a portion to the government that ALLOWS them to increase their wages by 45% while our wages increas 3%, not adjusted for inflation. And Tax Revenues are up, also not adjusted for inflation, or population increase, or the alternate minimum tax.