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The title of this forum should read, "Why the GOVERNMENT Thinks You're Stupid". Both parties are guilty of bending the truth. I am so sick of listening to everyone who tries to prove Bush is a liar. I have yet to see one honest politician on either side of the political fence. There is no doubt that some of the policies of the Whitehouse have not been as successful as planned, but at the same time there have been some policies that have worked out really well.

The only way to right this country's ship is to get back to family values. The people of this country have it so good they believe all this garbage about how bad of shape we are in. Every citizen is given the tools to succeed here through our education system. So what if not everyone has a chance to be President, that doesn't mean you can 't be successful. It's time for us to stop whining and take the initiative to become more responsible citizens.

For some that might mean to buy health insurance instead of a new car you don't need. For others to not procreate if you do not have the means. For others to put away some of your money so you can retire without worrying about social security. The reason we are the greatest country is because our founding fathers and previous generations had to suffer to reach their goals. We don't even have the faintest clue about what they went through.

So please quit blaming government and take a look in the mirror. Despite government we still have more than any other country in the world.

Yup, you are in the 1/3 who thinks it is all garbage, I just bet you that on a huge forum if you said that, you would be run off...

It is NOT garbage!!! It is FACT,

You think dubbya is RIGHT when he chooses to ignore the law? You think he is right in taking away your freedoms???

Wow... I just do not get how some people can put on those blinder.... UNLESSSSSSS they are one of the elite, the rich, the 'untouchables'...

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