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Reply to "Why We Must Have Impeachment"

Originally posted by Tenpercent:
if you want to impeach bush because of iraq, what about all the democraps that voted to go to war? do you think they should be ran out of office too?

First of all... in my opinion, and as I have stated on past posts, I do not want Bush impeached, just because of Iraq, not any Democrat or Republican who voted for it in the first place.

THAT is not even close to the reasoning behind BUSH. He is proficieint at lieing, which he has done to us on FIVE different occasions, WITH FIVE different REASONS!!! Now that is just plain UNACCEPTABLE!!!

He is a war-monger, a money monger, and lies to the American public every chance he THINKS he can get away with it.

And surprisingly enough, he doesn't even CARE anymore, because he is "lame-duck"...

The people who did the actual voting did so with what they THOUGHT was what was best for our Country... Only the "SELECT FEW" knew the real reason.. and they are ALL about $$$$$$$$$$$... THAT is why we are there.

But all the lies told to the other politicians and to the public to GET us there is now catching up to Mr. Pres. ... Even a lot of the Republicans are MAN/WOMAN enough to admit when they are wrong.

The elected officials all THOUGHT they were doing the right thing..

Gosh, how many of them have been either accused, indicted or convicted of crimes in the last few years? More than we ever thought would happen.... So there are also "FALL GUYS" in place.. .. and being used.

I just will do my daily Prayers, and hope that God will NOT allow this Administration to get our Country in ANY more trouble than we already are.... And hope and Pray to God that he opens the eyes of the 'nay-sayers' to see just what Bush, Cheney and Company is all about.. and believe me... it is NOT YOUR best interests... it is THEIR best interest, and $$$$$$$$$$
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