Reply to "Why We Must Have Impeachment"

Originally posted by yankeewitch:
I have a question.Can both Bush and Cheney be impeached at the same time?

I do not see why not. It has never been done before, and I don't think it will happen now. However, you have an issue with the VP being President of the Senate....

I think in that case, the Senate Pro Tempore takes his place. The Wikipedia article discusses just that as Spiro T. Agnew in 1973 was trying to force Congress to impeach the article, states more.

Next, Bush and Cheny will not get impeached over Iraq. Just not going to happen. Too many people, to include the Senate and House, had the same intel shared by the: U.N., NATO, Russia, etc. which led to the U.S. and UK coalition that invaded Iraq and overthrew Saddam Hussein. Additionally, several U.N. resolutions authorized a use of force to remove him, going back to 1993 I believe. Hindsite is 20/20...I personally am glad Saddam didn't have or use the stuff as if he did, I would most likely would have been slimed at the Karbala Gap around 2 April 2003....

Yeah, you may dislike him, but just won't happen, I feel. This is an honest, unbiased answer.

Now, what REALLY needs to happen is an investigation of why our borders are not secured enough during a time of war...THAT is what bothers me...and plenty of blame to go around for that.