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Reply to "You’ve got to vote for me"

L. Cranston posted:
HIFLYER2 posted:

So you are saying allowing abortion for any reason up to birth is not allowing murder?  The baby is alive and viable!  You liberals are way out there.

No. I clearly state that 'NO DEMOCRAT IS FOR KILLING BABIES".... are you really this much of a party toad?



Tuesday, Trump's lawyers actually argued in court migrant children didn't deserve to be provided with basic personal hygiene items, adequate sleeping conditions, temperatures or sufficient food and water while in detention at facilities in the Rio Grande Valley.

Who's for killing kids, now?

If your not for killing them, then why support abortion till birth?  Liberals support the right to kill babies pure and simple.   Just like a liberal to complain about illegals when American children are separated from parents everyday some because or prison sentences and many so their parent military men and women can protect our country.   Illegals should be treated humanely and be repatriated to their country of origin.