10 American Foods That Are Already Banned in Other Countries
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this is a old video some new bad things like palm oil, and Sucrolose /splenda
are not covered or even old ones like aspartame/NutraSweet.

  • I guess we can't eat anything?


    I’d love to see them ban even more of our deadly foods, then maybe just maybe the U.S.A. will put an end to all this poisoning. Yet, Big pHarmas greed is one to be reckoned with as they control it all. They need to crushed to smithereens! One of the best ways to do this is stay healthy and eat healthy, it kills their bottom line.
    One does not need to become a vegan, unless of course you wish to pursue this lifestyle. But for us meat eaters, yes you can eat extremely well if you shop wisely. There are plenty of organic farms who ship delicious pasture raised and finished meats. One of my favorites is Boeckmann Farms in MO. They have the most tender tasty beef I ever tasted, completely non gmo pasture raised and finished. Plus they are reasonably priced.

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