10 Ways Barack Obama Broke the American System

1. The stimulus. On the campaign trail, Obama promised a $50 billion stimulus and criticized George W. Bush for building up the national debt. In office, Obama passed a nearly $1 trillion stimulus, over Republican objections, that failed to keep unemployment from below 8% (as promised), and went largely to pet projects and state and local governments. The profligate spending shocked voters who feared that the country was now on an irreversible path to fiscal ruin. The Tea Party was born.

2. Fast and Furious. The Obama administration smuggled guns across the Mexican border, ostensibly to trace them to drug cartels. Unlike the Bush administration’s Wide Receiver, Obama’s Operation Fast and Furious happened without the Mexican government’s knowledge. The likely goal was to create a pretext for reducing gun ownership in the U.S. It led to the murders of Border Patrol Agent Brian Terry and hundreds of Mexicans. Afterwards, Obama used “executive privilege” to cover it up.

3. Betraying allies. Obama picked public fights with Israel in a deliberate effort to establish “distance” between the allies. He also broke agreements with the Czechs and the Poles on missile defense, infamously informing the Polish prime minister on the 70th anniversary of the Katyn Massacre. He snubbed the British in ways small (returning a Churchill bust) and big (using the Argentinian term “Malvinas” for the Falklands). And he spied on foreign allies, including Germany’s Angela Merkel.


4. Obamacare. The sweeping plan for “universal” health insurance sought, fundamentally, to make individuals dependent on the state, the better to open the door to even more sweeping changes. But it was the process of passing the bill that caused the real damage. To pass Obamacare, Obama bent and broke procedural rules; lied, repeatedly, about the policy; disguised a tax as a fee; and bullied the Supreme Court into compliance. It was the first major entitlement passed without bipartisan support.

5. Debt ceiling. Few of the Republicans who rode the Tea Party wave in 2010 made an issue out of the debt ceiling. But the Obama administration believed that a confrontation would help it regain full control of Congress. So it picked a fight over the debt, and forced a confrontation in the summer of 2011 that brought the country to the brink of default. Obama scuttled a “grand bargain” with Republicans by demanding higher taxes. The result: a hated budget “sequester” and a credit downgrade.

6. Benghazi. Presidents had lied to the country before about national security incidents: the Iran-Contra scandal, for example, left a stain on Ronald Reagan’s legacy. But no previous American president had abandoned Americans to die abroad without putting up a fight or making a serious effort to punish the perpetrators. In fact, in the heat of battle, Obama went to sleep and flew to a political fundraiser in Las Vegas the next day. It was an unprecedented abdication of his commander-in-chief role.

7. IRS scandal. Encouraged by Obama’s attacks on “dark money” and conservative political donors, the Internal Revenue Service began singling out conservative non-profit organizations for excessive scrutiny, denying them the ability to operate during the crucial 2012 elections, and trying to pry loose private information on their donors, their meetings, and even the content of their prayers. To this day, no Obama administration official has been punished for that horrific abuse of power.

8. AP scandal. Despite the media’s ongoing love affair with Obama, the administration targeted journalists for harassment, surveillance and prosecution. In one case, the Department of Justice seized phone records from the Associated Press; in another, the DOJ searched the emails of Fox News reporter James Rosen and his family. Congress later found Attorney General Eric Holder misled it when he told them in May 2013 he had not been involved in potential prosecution of the media.

9. Iran deal. After resisting sanctions on Iran, and holding off on any real action against the Iranian regime when it faced mass protests in 2009, Obama made a deal with Iran in 2015 that removed most sanctions in exchange for a mere temporary slowdown in the Iranian nuclear program. Worse, he refused to submit it to the Senate for ratification in accordance with the Constitution’s Treaty Clause, and Democrats blocked a weaker effort to submit the deal to an overall congressional vote.

10. Executive action on immigration. Obama abused prosecutorial discretion in 2012 in announcing “Deferred Action for Children of Americans” (DACA) in 2012, even after Congress declined to pass legislation on “Dreamers.” But the real offense came after the 2014 elections, when Obama defied the electorate and announced an “executive amnesty” — “Deferred Action for Parents of Americans” (DAPA) — that he himself said dozens of times was unconstitutional (he lost in the courts).

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One wonders how much of an immediate affect Donald Trump will have once he takes the oath of office come January 20th?  The Republicans now have an unprecedented ability to make good on their word and actually disprove all those who have created a false narrative around the Republican party and their agenda.  Harry Reid has set the precedent, along with the Democrats, by doing away with the filibuster with regards to political appointments so the Republicans should  now follow suite and do likewise and thus get Obama's nominees through the process fast and easy. 

The real cause for that is concentration on the other more weighty projects and work that is to be done.  Work such as creating jobs, bringing jobs back to America, setting up infrastructure repairs and rebuilding the military.  Without a doubt the US-Israel relationship will be on better footing and many of our allies and friends will once again find hope in a strong determined American foreign policy.  The Republicans have no excuses now to now it the time to govern and prove that they know how to get the nation back on track.   I've said it before and still believe it as strongly as I believe anything and that is that liberals and Democrats are intensely fearful not of Trump's rhetoric or his promises but they are scared witless that he and his cabinet picks will actually make good on the promises and that they will be successful in bringing back jobs.  If they are then the Democrats will find it very difficult to find a candidate to run any kind of Campaign in 2020 for their ineptitude will have been revealed and worse, to them, their false lies about the republican party and Donald Trump will have been dispelled and the Democrats will have no real issues to run on if Trump is successful with his own promises.  The greatest fear with a Trump successful term would be in the potential that Democrats will lose a great number of minority voters and Hispanic voters who before would vote Democratic blind and based upon false narratives created by the Democratic National Committee.   If Trump can turn some of our inner cities around and allow them to be fruitful again then it may very well render the Democratic party into a minority of it's own. 

That, I believe, is one thing that led to the huge defeat that the Democrats suffered in 2016 and that is ignoring the majority while building up and legislating for the most extreme of minorities.  Spending so much time and resources on issues such as the transgender issues over issues such as jobs and work.  Using man made Global Warming, turned to Climate Change when the facts continued to disprove their agenda, and turning to restrictions and government regulations to strangle the lifeblood of job creation from small to medium businesses.  Through legislation and regulation such as Democratic Healthcare (aka Obamacare) whereby they created incentives to eliminate full time substantial jobs in lieu of minimum wage, minimum hour jobs so as to bypass requirements to supply insurance.

My concern now, with the Trump administration, is their statements to do away with Obamacare and replace it.  My thought is this.  IF Obamacare is unconstitutional, which I believe it is, based upon the power and association of it with the Federal Government, then replacing it with anything would still be unconstitutional.  This issue should be dealt with but at a State level and not the federal level but then some States are ill equipped to tackle such  burden and size issue.   The federal government should get the government out of the insurance business and allow free and open competition among the Insurance companies and competition would and will drive down the prices and up the benefits/features of the plans. 

For those who have pre-existing conditions which Insurance companies won't touch and for those left in the cold then the government, State & Federal can assist with those cases but not take over a whole industry as the government did with Obamacare.

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