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OldSalt posted:

Hmm, better add the U.S. to that list.  Our budget deficit for 2016 was 3.2% of GDP and a little over 17% of total expenditures.

At least it appears the leadership of the French government have the will do to something about it.  Our politicians seem content with the status quo.

I think that the CBO predicted that we will add another $10 Trillion to the National Debt over the next decade as well. When the free stuff for votes scheme comes to an end, I suspect that a bunch of folks too puny to work will engage in urban renewal.  

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Kraven posted:

Thanks mobarry, and also thanks for starting the Afgan. war.......

I'm no fan of Obama, but, huh?  The U.S. went into Afghanistan in October 2001.  That would be G.W. Bush as President.  Obama wasn't even a U.S. Senator then. 

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