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I know in the past there have been a few that have volunteered themselves as members of the "grammar police"  (not being critical here now) and many of us that have, due to our post, necessitated the need for such.  I know I need as much help as I can get so when I came across this add-on for several of the current browsers (Edge, Safari, Firefox, and Chrome) called "Grammarly" I took a chance and tried it out.   

Grammarly website

Thankfully it is free, as well as there being a paid option., but I've found it particularly useful when commenting on this forum or others and it has policed me many times, mostly steering me in the right direction.


Another Plug-in or extension that I have found useful recently has been one called "Honey".  I can't remember the computer website that recommended I try this one but I did try it and have found that, in my case, it actually has saved me some money.   Not enough money to have a nice steak dinner at one of our local steakhouses but has saved some pocket change in the short time that I have tried it.  

Website for Honey      CNet's take on Honey

So if you are into checking out new and interesting extensions for your various browsers you might look into checking these out and commenting on them.


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peede coober 2 posted:

When people insult you for your opinion on here I guess it's natural to want to strike back and an easy way is to correct that person's grammer, punctuation or spelling rather than calling them a name. 

You are a helpful person GBRK.

I appreciate your comment, I do.   I don't know how helpful the information is but I do hope to contribute more than discussions or post that create controversy or extreme debate.  Often I like to see discussions that are comical, humorous, and/or informative.  Sometimes I feel that our forum conversations and topics are far too confrontational and divisive but then such is the nature of topics and conversations in the Religion and/or Political forums where there are many diverse opinions and/or feelings and/or beliefs.     

Also, I hope others who have knowledge about some helpful and informational apps, programs, plug-ins or extensions will take the opportunity to submit those for consideration among the forum members because as varied as the internet is there is so much more out there than any one person could discover and share.

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