I have the ability to record the three news broadcast simultaneously to playback and watch later.  With regards to ABC, NBC, and CBS it's uncanny how all of these networks, although separate, all air pretty much the identical stories and totally amazing how they also have the same outlook and opinion with regards to what they are airing.  

I'm sure there are still a large number of people who only get their news from the big 3 and for those they get a steady diet of liberal biased news, and/or opinion because with regards to the three networks mentioned is there really any news anymore?

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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they all get their news from the same source. the only difference is local.  media has controlled our society for years.  Only critical thinkers see the difference. Many don't see or understand how wrong they are often.  Many years ago I remember attending a function. The next day reading about it, I wondered if the reporter and I attended the same function.  sadly there isn't a good source for news.

With that said, I like social media because it shows different views for my critical thinking.  

Jack Hammer posted:
A new on me, I'd never thought someone would intentionally watch
one of those news outlets much less record it much less record all
three much less admit to it.... Not that there's anything wrong with that..!


Just remember there are people who shove nails in their nose, hang from pierced body parts and inflict all kinds of pain on themselves so maybe this is my way of inflicting mental pain.   BTW ... they are deleted immediately, if not sooner when they are viewed.

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