A Future we will never see

As long as time goes on and Technology continues to advance there is little doubt that mankind will inhabit Earth's moon and most likely Mars and potentially other planets if or when we develop future advanced rockets or methods of propulsion.  I'm fairly sure that there are many advances being made now but are confined to National Security and are confidential given their potential military applications but the last 100 years has seen exponential advances and I doubt that this rate will decline.

As for Earth and changes here, I also have no doubts that even possibly before we leave this life, that we will see flying, personal transportation, vehicles and certainly vehicles that will propel themselves and maneuver without assistance from it's human occupants.  Frankly though, when thinking about it, I rather think that would be boring and I would miss driving but no doubt it would improve on safety.  Other areas of advancement I see in the entertainment area and no doubt (at least to me) interactive 3D or 4D games where players are, for all their senses are concerned, involved directly in games created for a new generation of Computers.  Televisions or entertainment systems that transport you into a 3D or 4D world where you view movies or games in 360 degrees involving scenes and action from in front, behind and all angles and sides, above and under the participant or viewer.  

Advances I wish we would see sooner are in the medical field but things do take time, and time in test trials, but I do believe before too long mankind may see advances such that Cancer, Altzheimers, Dementia, AIDS, and other major diseases will see cures rather than treatments.  

If mankind can somehow avoid destroying our own species and creating an Artifical Intelligent droid/robot that will decide that humanity is a disease worthy of extinction, then I'm sure it will be a fascinating world.  Some have gone as far as to believe it will be a cashless world where people no longer deal or strive for money but I can't quite comprehend that, at this time, because to me it is the spirit of capitalism that has sparked many of our lifetime's inventions and technological advances.  

The real exciting thing is that most likely some of the most interesting and exciting advancements are the ones we have no way of conceiving of or if that were the case someone would have already invented or created them. 

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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Elon's vision of commuting in a not so future LA

Here is one of the projects that Elon Musk is working on. When I first heard about the first project I wondered just how someone makes the purchase of land for such an endeavor?  I still haven't figured that one out yet.  

Got an extra $500.00 lying around

Would love to have Talking Head's "Burning Down the House" song playing during this


Ahh, the visions and thoughts of the "got more money than you can ever spend" crowd.  

In the above posts I posted a link  Got an extra $500.00 lying around  and then I read this morning that Elon Musk's new company "Boring" has reached a milestone already with sales of this product reaching a new high.

$5,000,000.00 already sold!

Maybe it's that it's Elon Musk or maybe there is just a blind following that seeks to buy anything that this guy's name is on.   Either way makes you wonder what people are going to do with these things?

You can search Amazon.com and find far more effective and cheaper units than what is pictured that Elon Musk produces so it's a mystery to me why someone would shell out that much for something they could get at less than 1/5th the price.

Yet another article that predicts future advances

I keep seeing articles about what certain people believe our future has in store for those that live/survive to see it.  In the article, I've referenced above, there is the vision that potentially we will see people that are given robotic body parts like the old TV series Six Million Dollar Man or the RoboCop movie where you have what's left of a Human's mind planted into a body or equipped with body parts that are created and not human flesh.

You just know there are at least some scientist and inventors that are out there looking to experiment on willing subjects that will allow such to be done to them. I know that many people get ideas from various SciFi movies such as Star Trek where people are envisioning the ability to teleport things and even one day people like the transporters in Star Trek.  Another of the SciFi movie that I've always thought might resemble what science might be trying to do today is the Johnny Depp movie Transcendence where a person's mind's contents are able to be uploaded into computer memory and then function in an Artificial Intelligence type way only evolving exponentially and in an unlimited way.

I still hope the future holds many exciting and wonderful things for future generations rather than a future of horrors and nightmares brought on by science gone awry or mankind destroying our own selves through future horrible weapons of mass destruction.  

Russians suspected of developing a new form of Nuclear weapon

Yet another linked article that could reflect the future many will see.   Nations have nuclear-tipped torpedos, missiles, bombs, artillery shells and other various yield devices but a weapon as described in this linked article is one which is designed to completely isolate a Nation by rendering its whole seacoast unusable.  There are similar weapons being dreamed up or even developed that would take a nation and people back to the stone age where all technology would be rendered useless in the blink of an eye with an ElectroMagnetic Pulse type weapon discharged high enough over land.  Then there are the low tech mass casualty devices such as biological and chemical weapons that are stockpiled by some nations and potentially new diseases that could be released upon humanity.  The future can be a wonderful, exciting place but if we allow the worst of our fears to control us then we could engineer our own demise as well.

You may be right but then the yield of the weapon, which could be adjusted, could determine the extent of the coverage of the weapon and given the number that could be used it would not be difficult to see where Russia could, if the situation as dire enough, shut down the entire eastern coastline of the US and/or Gulf and Pacific ports.  Ports such as Savannah, Jacksonville, Miami, Norfolk, New York and the list goes on.  

I'm sure we have or are developing, similar concept weapons and deterrents but the point I was trying to make was that technology is bringing us to a point where we all could be back to the stone age in any given thirty minute period.  The aftermath of any such conflict or event would be catastrophic as people would jockey for advantages and attempt to  secure what resources might be remaining.

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