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Is it just me or are there others in the area that can't believe the state of condition of the Florence KFC (Kentucky Fried Chicken) restaurant.    I've heard that they have discontinued their food bar for some time now and I have seen where they attempted to do a cover-up of the corner of the building where the fire occurred but every time I choose to dine at KFC it's going to be either 7 Points location or I'll drive to Muscle Shoals.   At least those two locations have been renovated or rebuilt and are modern.   The location at Florence, on Cox Creek Blvd, is so run down and appears just dirty that I no longer.

As for me and my family I can't remember the last time we ate at the Cox Creek location but I doubt it will be anytime soon that we change that decision.  I can only hope that KFC will realize that this location badly needs some work or a total redo.  But then maybe that's my own opinion.

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I prefer Popeye's to any other franchise fried chicken joint. Yes, there is one in Florence. On Florence Blvd, I believe. 

A Sweet Dixie employee confirmed they source the fast food chain for their chicken and waffles, which sells for about $15. You can buy chicken at Popeyes for much less without the fixings, Sanchez adds, but she's not apologizing.

Sanchez responded directly to the Yelp review, and later explained further on the restaurant's Facebook page, defending their use of Popeyes spicy tenders.

"We PROUDLY SERVE Popeyes spicy tenders - the best fried chicken anywhere and from New Orleans - which are delivered twice a day," she wrote in her reply.



Never saw the food bar in the Florence KFC open. About once a month I go to the Muscle Shoals KFC for lunch and to heck with the cholesterol.  I really like their chicken livers and a few of the veggies.  

That's followed by three days of seafood, veggies and such.  Lucky for me, I like seafood. 

Oh I totally agree that Popeyes is far better Chicken than KFC and that is due to several reasons.  Popeye's Chicken is always much hotter (temperature wise) than KFC that cooks their chicken and then parks  it an a holding oven until they serve it.  Additionally Popeye's Chicken's Mashed Potatoes are the real thing and not the instant potatoes (flakes and Hot Boiling Water) that KFC uses to make their Mashed Potatoes.   

With respect to the times I do chosen to eat at KFC I think it's sort of like Krystal.  Sometimes you get a craving for just that taste and although it's not that frequent when it comes there's only one way to satisfy it and that is eat the Chicken.   Although it's, often, extremely greasy I do enjoy the Original recipe version of the KFC Chicken followed by the baked.  

As far as fried Chicken goes, at least in the Shoals, I do believe of the fast food places Popeyes is the best Chicken but if you have the time to wait I still believe that Champy's is the best, freshest, and hottest (temperature wise) Chicken in the Shoals area.  For me I only choose KFC if it just happens to be one of those days that I desire that original flavor taste and then when I do the Cox Creek (Florence) location is the last one I'll chose to patronize.  

Lastly I do know there are a couple of other places to get fried chicken pieces and that being Bojangles and Jack's.  While I have had Jack's and wasn't too impressed I haven't tried Bojangles as I've heard it's a bit spicy to the taste and I have to be careful with certain spicy foods due to my stomach.  I will though say that I do miss Hardee's Fried Chicken because I thought they did a good job, when they served it, and I actually remember Krystal serving Fried Chicken back in late 1970's and early 1980's.  That's a long time ago.

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