Fox News was the one to report this atrocity but ...  If the beating was of a man wearing a DNC hate and was at a Trump rally you would have had every network break in to report it as if it was a nuclear attack.  This attack however is typical of the radical, loving, tolerant left that never gets press.  The press however goes out of it's way to manufacture news or report on someone with a MAGA hate that they feel is disrespectful to a liberal.

Remember the way they treated the Kentucky youth before the whole video was released?  Trouble is that those who want to paint the right as being so intolerant and dangerous are usually foiled when just the opposite is revealed to be the norm.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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saw a bumper sticker that said fck Trump.   I thought if it said fck Obama the driver would be on every media station broadcast.   I have to admit I considered following them and confronting them.  

Dems are allowed to be racists and crude. It's one of those "dem privileges" that gives them the right to do or say things they think others shouldn't do or say. As my mother used to say...they are rude...crude...and socially unacceptable.

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