dropped her 3-month-old baby on the ground and apparently kept fighting.

Surveillance video shows the moments a woman in South Carolina dropped her baby during a fight. The baby died, and now the mother is facing murder charges.

Authorities in southwest Georgia have now charged Karen Harrison with murder after her child died at a hospital one day after the fight, which was caught on tape Friday by a surveillance camera outside Thomas Beauty Supply, a store in the Colquitt County city of Moultrie.


It’s not clear what led to the altercation, but footage obtained by WRAL-TV shows two women having an argument next to a car when one of them hits Harrison with a shopping bag.

The two begin to push and hit each other when the boy falls onto the pavement. The first woman continues to punch Harrison even after the child is on the ground, the video shows.


Harrison, 26, brought the infant to the Colquitt Regional Medical Center the next day and lied that her son had fallen at home from the hands of a friend, according to the Moultrie Police Department. The baby died later that day. Witnesses are seen running to pick the baby up and break up the fight.

Harrison was charged with felony murder, first- and second-degree cruelty to children, simple battery and affray.

A family friend accused of corroborating Harrison’s false story was also arrested. The woman, Carneata Clark, 26, was charged with providing a false statement to police and obstruction of an officer.The other woman involved in the fight, identified as Terra Brown, has not been arrested. Deputy Chief David Corona told the Daily News on Tuesday that the investigation is ongoing and additional arrests are possible.

The official cause of death will be determined after an autopsy


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She should get a democratic jury and claim it was a late term abortion. They'll carry her out on their shoulders.

I'd bet they were fighting over a man. So sad to think the baby suffered until the next day and then she lied about how it was injured. I bet she won't do any time for it either.

She could get off on some kind of twisted self defense reason but I
doubt it. I believe it was all about road rage. Doesn't matter, she should
do some time and have her tubes tied.

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