It's a sure bet that the media, CNN (Counterfeit News Network) and MSNBC as well as the other three ABC, NBC, and CBS and other media groups as well as most Democratic politicians will not care to report on or investigate the most recent indications of election influence into the 2016 election.  In fact I wager that this story will all but be forgotten for no one cares about influence into the 2016 Presidential election which was to help Hillary win.  In fact most will say we're tired of all this election influence talk if anything does come of this report.  

Interesting how those so intent on finding election influence between Trump and someone else or some foreign power will lose interest and not care about reports of the Ukraine trying to help and assist Hillary.

What cha think?

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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remember before Clinton ran, she hosted many top talking heads for MSM.  Media is part of a coup.  The number that should be charged for treason is huge.  However we all know no one with influence in DC ever gets charged. That is part of Trumps job to drain the swamp. However he doesn't have the support to get it done, since many on the republican side are also guilty of things.  The only way it will be done is thru voting.  However California and NY will continue to put corrupt democrats in.  Hopefully Alabama will get Jones out and more states will follow Missouri will vote out corrupt democrats.

More are coming around, including minorities which is why the Democrats are seeking to build their voter base by allowing Felons to vote, 16 year olds to vote and Illegals to vote, given they are opening the doors to them every day and doing everything in their power to prevent Trump from sealing the border.


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