Some states and Democrats are seeking to end the Electoral College.  I hope this is stopped in the courts but this is nothing more than sore losers attempting to win any way they can and at any cost.  Here is the problem though, the electoral college system was established for a reason and was made constitutional for a reason.  I, for one, don't want New York and/or California electing my President and without an Electoral College then populous States and even large mega cities can dramatically influence elections if not sway elections and determine winners.  Candidates will all but skip parts of the nation with low populations in favor of the larger populations.  

One thing Democrats should take to heart though and consider very carefully because they are, as usual, not looking past the end of their own legislative noses.  Remember how hard the Democrats cried over Trumps judges being put on the Supreme Court and how they cried foul?  Well it was Harry Reid, and the Democrats, who eliminated the filibuster with respect to confirmation of Judges enabling them to ram their own judges confirmations through.  Moves like this could end up coming back to bite the very ones that are implementing it to serve their own needs and desires.  

The Constitution is a precious document and developed by very wise folks that have enabled our Nation to become as great as it is and care should be exercised not to mess with it unless it's done by the measures defined in the Constitution itself rather than a technicality that the founders never considered as being done.  If it is felt that the Electoral College is not relevant or fair today then the Constitution can be amended by the way defined in the document itself.  The problem is that it seems that the Democrats don't want to wait that long and are fearful that they could not accomplish their agenda by the Constitutional way.  

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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Mitch McConnel.... "Our goal is to make Obama a one term President."

My, how fast they forget the 'do nothing Congress' under President Obama. Republicans never believe their actions should have consequences. They're too busy telling other people to take responsibility for their own actions.

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Hillary's approval ratings weren't that good...even among democrats. It really makes you wonder about that "popular vote".

All I can write it off to is people who vote for the party rather than the person.  There are so many that vote based on what others tell them also.  People who are Union Members usually vote Democrat and people in the Military lean Republican.  Minorities often block vote believing that one party supports their interest more than the other.  Often it is that it only comes down to Republican or Democrat and is also one reason why they say an independent could never be elected President. 

Jack Hammer posted:
When the Electoral College goes down so goes the nation of free people
and the start of the 2nd revolutionary war in which the Left has no one
to blame buy themselves.   they won't, they'll blame the Right  

The Left, liberals (aka Democrats) are getting more and more socialist and are unabashed about their leanings.  Speaking hypothetically if they ever do get and gain control and implement their Socialist agenda in the richest and most prosperous nation ever, the United States, they will eventually over a short time turn us into Venezuela, only exponentially worse, as Socialism does to everywhere it's implemented.  When you have as large a population as we have or implement Socialism, of the type the Dem's are promoting, then Communism is a natural expectation to follow.  The reason I say that is once you bleed all those that have and still don't satisfy the have nots, which you always will have, and fail on the promises you made then violence and the barrel of a gun is a government's only control mechanism they have to keep power and control.

When it all comes to an end and fails then you will have those specifically responsible blame those who attempted to stop it from happening for the failures in much the same way that the Democrats cannot accept the results of the 2016 (and many also the 2000) election.  Socialism may have some good ideologic ideas and sound good but in practice and reality never works.  Capitalism is the only and best system of Government to create what we have in America and yet so many that don't appreciate it because they have chosen their own lot in life and maybe it hasn't gotten them where they wanted to go  so it's the system rather than the individuals to blame.  

I submit that even the poor and downtrodden in our capitalistic system/society are better off and live with a higher standard of living than the poor and downtrodden in any other form of government and system.  America is still the best hope for people wanting to go from nothing to something and yet you have so many that want to change it and tear it down.  If socialism and Socialistic governments or even Communistic governments are such better systems then why don't these people that advocate such governments and want to change ours to that form rather move and go to their utopian existing governments locations now?  

It seems that most folks believe that the founders wanted to found a democracy; nope, they founded a representative republic founded on the concept of unalienable rights. The old patriots abhorred Athenian democracy as much as a monarchy because the winning 50.1% of the population could rob and enslave the losing 49.9% which these modern lefty "patriots" seem to want to do.

"Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote."

"When the people find that they can vote themselves money, that will herald the end of the republic."

Benjamin Franklin


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