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i realize this isn't going to help the issue...

because i can see it both ways...

in the first bit, he promises that whatever comes out will be made a burnt offering...

however, i admit, the 2nd bit seems to imply that instead of being burnt to death, she was instead consecrated and her life given to serve god..

because .. it seems to me.. if faced with death, would she wander around for a month and whine about never getting a little nookie?
that just doesn't track... why isn't she bewailing her lost years, or the fact she is abotu to sizzle like a peice of bacon?
the pain of such a death surely would be something more to fear and rant about than just never meeting Mr. Happy.
if you were about to die a virgin, in a horrible fashion, would you be more upset at dying a virgin, or dying because your father flapped his lips and was now about to roast you alive?*

however, if she's about to spend her life celibate and chaste, then yeah.. bewailing the life time lack of nookie would indeed be normal.

i don't know which one i think is the correct interpretation, but i can see it either way.

and regardless, i thank b50 for presenting the idea that there IS an alternate way to see it, because until this thread i just thought it was one more barbaric atrocity chalked up to a 'loveing god'..

now, at least i see the possibility of something different..
that' beyond a shadow of a doubt' thing they use in court, right? well, i no longer can see this as an example of evil, beyond that shadow of doubt.

so if for nothing else, thanks for that.

* to be fair.. a burnt offering doesn't mean she was burned alive, it would just mean she was killed and then her body consumed completely by flames. i left it the other way at the top just for the dramatic flare Smiler
Originally posted by Unobtanium:
but you guys use this book to guide not only your life but the lives of others who do NOT agree with its teachings. you even use it as a SCIENCE BOOK fro crying out loud.

mmmm, not so much, no

LMM, it's like talking to a wall...nothing ever penetrates. Smiler

Love y'all!

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