Obama's (and the Democrats) signature legislation declared unconstitutional by a Texas court.  This is something that should have been done from the beginning except Chief Justice Roberts sided with the liberals and Obama in saying it was a tax thus could stand.  Even if this declaration of the ACA as unconstitutional through appeals and the like will not undo the damage that was done by the ACA nor do I believe it will rectify the horrible actions by the Insurance companies by raising deductibles exponentially.

The thought with passing the ACA was that it would protect people without health insurance by giving them insurance but what the government (Democrats) did with the ACA is effectively take many with insurance and make it as if they did not have any.   In other words, the amount of money a family/individual would pay out of their pocket (as if they had no insurance) was increased greatly.  That deductible amount that is paid before any insurance pays a dime was raised to multiples of what it originally was before the ACA.  I'm wondering if this wasn't their plan from the beginning to justify increases in the deductibles because even though the ACA is on it's way out those huge deductibles (I predict) will stay.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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I believe at heart is the issue of whether the Individual Mandate is severable from the ACA and some hold that it is not:


That's not to say that Ol'bamadidn'tcare is entirely funded by the penalty Roberts weasel-worded into a tax ( If it was a penalty, then the ACA would have been unconstitutional; but the goobermint can tax bad behavior, according to the Chief Justice!) , that isn't the case. The real funding for the "free money" comes from taxing everyone else's insurance policies costing everyone else more money for crappier service.

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