‘Actively Trying to Blacklist’ Conservatives ‘Through Some Hiring Engines’

Exclusive – Harmeet Dhillon: Silicon Valley ‘Actively Trying to Blacklist’ Conservatives ‘Through Some Hiring Engines’

Harmeet Dhillon, a San Francisco-based attorney representing former Google engineer James Damore in his class-action lawsuit against Google, joined SiriusXM’s Breitbart News Tonight on Thursday to tease information about a burgeoning blacklist of conservatives among Silicon Valley-based technology companies. She told Breitbart News Senior Editors-at-Large Rebecca Mansour and Joel Pollak that some of her clients have been “blackballed” by “supposedly neutral hiring platforms.”

Dhillon said, “I’ll have some troubling developments next week about people’s job searches and how I believe Silicon Valley companies are actively trying to blacklist people through some hiring engines. Some of the top companies that do the hiring, matching people with jobs and job seekers, are blackballing people who talk out. That’s a developing new story.”

Dhillon added, “I’m seeing clients of mine being blackballed by supposedly neutral hiring platforms where their accounts just get deactivated overnight.”

Dhillon spoke of racial and sexual considerations Google used in its human resource policies in pursuit of “diversity.” She said, “[My] three new plaintiffs are three highly qualified white men who identify as conservatives online who were denied jobs at Google, and it turns out that either the positions remained open or people with lesser qualifications ended up being hired for those positions. So that’s kind of classic employment discrimination that you see in gender cases and cases brought by people who are traditionally on the left.”

Dhillon explained that Google, like Starbucks, mandates its employees attend “workshops” ostensibly combating “unconscious bias.” She stated, “Some of the other things that are included in the new complaint are some internal documents that Google gives its managers about unconscious bias. We’ve seen this a lot in the news with regard to the Starbucks issue, and Starbucks will be closing itself down to do this unconscious bias training, and I suspect that they’re going to be hearing a lot of the same type of rhetoric as Google is already giving to its hiring managers and managers generally, which is that, basically, some pretty gross stereotypes about white people, about how they are all about ‘meritocracy,’ and they talk about people behind their backs; they don’t talk to their faces — ridiculous stereotypes that anybody who’s worked in America knows are not true. Apparently, it’s the last frontier of acceptability to slander white people in our culture. What’s ironic is that [James Damore] was fired for allegedly perpetuating gender stereotypes, yet Google clearly perpetuates race and gender stereotypes every day in its HR policies; it’s just that they’re the political version, so they get away with it.”

Dhillon recalled a senior engineer at Google suggesting sabotage of President Donald Trump’s Android-based mobile phone. She remarked, “One of the senior software engineers [at Google] in an all-hands meeting said that Google should consider bricking the president’s phone because [Trump] uses an Android device, and also shutting down the Gmail accounts of White House staffers because they don’t deserve to have those types of accounts. That hasn’t happened, mind you, but that’s the mentality that is sort of laughed at and accepted as a normal thing to say at Google. It’s very foreign to most of us Americans.”

Dhillon praised Breitbart News’s reporting of Silicon Valley’s politicking. She said, “Breitbart has done a good job. I think Allum Bokhari wrote the story about Google’s marketing team openly instructing customers of theirs not to serve ads next to so-called right-wing sites. Breitbart is called out, but other sites that are called out for discrimination by the Southern Poverty Law Center and other groups like that. We believe the SPLC is one of the shipping lists by which Google marketing managers use, but I don’t think it’s the exclusive source for their discrimination.”

Dhillon added, “What’s most insidious about this is that people don’t know, so consumers who are using the search engine to find information are not being told that the engine results and advertising service are biased. People who invest in advertising are not necessarily aware of the biases in the system, and that, I think, is troubling for consumers, and maybe something that government should be looking at in terms of deceptive advertising.”



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