After the New Madrid EQ. Goodbye Louisiana. The 2024 total solar eclipse touches Illinois in the exact spot of the parting of waters 


Looks like a large part of Arkansas which is about ground level.

We're on a high bluff so the water will cut deep into the other
side before much damage on the east side. It's going to be hell
if and when. I might move back to Bama.

It's All Over Now, Take What You Think Is Necessary

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You've been posting alot of grim articles lately. You ok, bro? Are you at peace with your life?

It can be a grim world out there snowflake, posting about it is called news.

But you keep those rosy glasses implanted in your face and just maybe
  your addiction to hate with a bad attitude might subside.
Naio posted:

So emotional...

You can hear the snot bubbles forming with each of his ridiculous rants. He's the Snowflake of the forums.

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