Ah, That "Peaceful" Religion. Shopkeeper Killed By Fellow Muslim After Posting Happy Easter Greetings

Dang, they're even in Scotland!!


The killing of a shopkeeper in Glasgow, Scotland has led to an investigation into "religious prejudice," reports The Washington Post.

Asad Shah was a popular shop owner who posted "Happy Easter" messages on his social media, and may have been killed because of it, according to the Daily Record.

Police have arrested a suspect who may have been angered by Shah's frequent posting about other religions, said the report.

Shah was a member of the Ahmadiyya sect that preaches "Love for All, Hatred for None."

According to the police report, "The theory is that he saw what Asad was saying on YouTube and Facebook and drove up to track him down. The hardline Sunni Muslims call Ahmadiyya Muslims kafir. They say they are non-believers."

Vigils have been held around the shop and aGoFundMe support page for Shah's wife has raised over 90,000 pounds (about $141,000).
"His death has devastated many," said the message on the page.
One of Shah's family members told The Telegraph, "We are scared for our lives . . . We have been advised by the police not to speak about it, particularly about our names and locations, because there is a security threat."

Scottish Conservative leader Ruth Davidson said, "A palpably good man has died for no reason."

The family worships at the Baitur Rahman Mosque in Glasgow. Its imam Dawood Ahmad Querishi, said, "It's up to the government to root out all forms of extremism. The Ahmadiyya Muslim community has been speaking about the importance of this for many years."

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