Today Spirit Airlines, a small carrier operating out of Florida, elevated greed to a new level. They announced that they will begin charging $45.00 per piece of carry-on luggage--carry-on stuff for Pete's sake(although the passenger can carry on without charge one piece that will fit under the seats)!

Now many of us will not ever fly that airline, but the article says that this might be the start of a trend of charging for carry-ons. Here is a link to the story:

Spirit also charges to check luggage, not sure how much. They claim to have recently reduced their "lowest fares" and that this means passengers won't really pay more to fly. How long will those fares last, though?

My idea for beating this scheme is---the MEGAVEST! The beternU MEGAVEST is an oversized vest (made long to hang perhaps to knee length), made of strong but lightweight material, that has numerous pockets--with zipper and Velcro closures--some large and some small. Into the MEGAVEST, one can readily cram a couple of pairs of trousers and a couple of shirts, underwear, socks, toiletries, a book or two--in short the equivalent of what might otherwise be stashed in a carry-on bag.

This will increase the burden on airport security a bit, but it will save the traveler a good piece of change.

On the plane, the MEGAVEST can be removed and placed in the overhead. The MEGAVEST just might be challenged as an alleged "scheme or device" to evade the charge for carry-ons, but the wearer should stand his or her ground if challenged, and should point out that others on the aircraft are allowed to stash their outer garments in the overhead withourt charge and that to deny the MEGAVEST wearer this same consideration is flagrant discrimination and thus downright un-American!

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Originally posted by F350:
If it weren't absolutely necessary for my business, I would never fly. It has gotten to be so much of a hassle. I used to love flying.

You got that right! Flying in the 1970s and 1980s was enjoyable. Most airline food was good then, especially on Delta, Continental, and Western Airlines. And they fed you even if you were on a short flight if a meal time came around. Now you get nothing but a tiny bag of pretzels or peanuts unless your flight is 4 or 5 hours or more. The security hassle is time-consuming and frustrating sometimes, however necessary it might be.

I remember sprinting through the Huntsville airport one afternoon and making it through the gate to get on a flight to California about 10 seconds before the gate was closed (as told by the gate attendant, who scolded me a bit). That kind of thing is impossible to even conceive of today!

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