I believe in being honest--I failed to note the article stated that men did better than women in this test. I really was shocked. I will say that I see more women talking on cell phones than men, but I see more men pulling out in front of others, tossing trash out the windows, etc.


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Yeah, they want us to drive in the right lane, but when we have to get in the left lane, no one will let us in.

I try to let people in front of me when they need over all the time. Some are paying attention enough to actually move over. Others act like they are expecting a red carpet and just keep moving with their blinker.

My method is use my blinker for a couple of seconds and if they don't move, I make them.
It clear that they didn't poll anyone in Florence on this drivers thing.... I'm not from here (I've only lived here 3 years) and while I've lived in Southern Florida and right out side DC for most of my life.. I've never seen any driving more horrible than I do here in Florence, AL.

I will have to agree with the lack of blinkers, no regard to blind spots or anyone else on the road. I've never had to drive so defensively in my life... and I've roamed on 95 South for months at a time and dealt with TONS of gridlock. I'd take that any day over worrying about getting rammed off the road by grandma or some idiot racing for Sheffield.
I beg to differ,I've driven in Fl many times and most of them are crazy but that could just be tourist from Bama.My petpeeve is the people who get in the left lane and do 10 miles UNDER the speedlimit.Some days I'd like to ram them.They might have all day but I don't.If they would just get out of the way...I know that has to cause wrecks,people trying to get around them and take stupid risks.Chisolm Rd is awful.It's a 55 mph and people get out there and do 40 and they are sure they are being "safe"drivers.I can feel my BP going up just thinking about it.

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