Alabama Republican Primary Election Results

It appears, from the called election results, with 94% of the results in that those who were the nastiest in their advertising against their opponents lost.  I, actually, weeks prior to the election, had decided to vote completely opposite from what I ended up voting, at least in the three main races for Attorney General, Lt. Governor, and Ag Commissioner.  

I decided in the remaining days mainly swayed by the extremely negative advertisements that I had heard and thankfully those candidates whose campaigns were the most negative lost in their attempt to win their primary elections.  

Sadly, I can say that I didn't know that much about any of the six candidates that were on the ballot prior to the last day's advertisements and I can say that I was swayed entirely by the negative ads to vote against the candidates who tried to benefit from those ads.  I can only wonder if the negative ads actually were what cost those candidates their elections?  If so I hope they realize it.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )


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