The media has been talking about how great LSU is this season and I also believe that LSU deserves to be ranked above Alabama based solely upon their performance this year but until they beat Alabama I don't suppose others will ever put them in the lead.  This year though along with Tua going out of the Tennessee game and given the obvious desire that LSU has to unseat Alabama after their several embarrassing losses, I have a feeling that Alabama will have all they can handle when the game comes around.

I'm not so sure that the Defense of Alabama is up to matching the LSU Offense that has been on display this year but whatever the result of the game I believe that one of the quarterbacks will remain strong in the 2019 Heisman Award race and the other quarterback will lose his chance to be in New York this year. As an Alabama fan, I'm more concerned about our chances this year than I have been before but at least Tua may be ready to play again when that game actually comes around.  One other thing I'm fairly certain of and that is with all the talent that Alabama will be losing this year to the NFL Draft if Alabama is going to stand a chance to compete for another National Championship then it better be this year because it appears that the following years are going to be rebuilding years for the Crimson Tide.

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Tua's injury is said to be mild. You never know what kind of talent Alabama has up it's sleeve.

I just hope that Tua's injury, mild as it is, doesn't harm his chances at the Heisman award this year.  I feel, and believe, he was robbed of it last year and should have won it.

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