Alec "the fat pig" Baldwin a pedophile?

We know Alec "Pig" Baldwin, is an abusive father, a drunk and all around dirt bag that loves to make fun of Trump, but could the reports he is a pedophile be true? We know he is tight with the clintons, who are tight with other pedophiles, bill just may be a big "tight with them",  and pig baldwin himself is pals with other pedos. So the report just could be true.


At issue is Baldwin’s recollection of the R-rated film, “Mini’s First Time,” a 2006 black comedy starring then 16-year-old Nikki Reed as Mini, who just happens to get into a sexual relationship with her step-father in the flick, Baldwin.

Creepy, right? Especially with all of the anti-Trump commentary from Baldwin.

Anyway, Baldwin claimed in the memoir that he had no idea Reed was 16 until after the film was shot. A claim called out by Dana Brunetti, one of the producers on the film (Baldwin called her 17 in the book)

According to Brunetti, they liked the idea of a 16-year-old girl filming sex scenes with a then 47-year-old Baldwin because then they wouldn’t be “pressured into shooting scenes w/nudity”.

WTH. Did anyone step back at the time and say, “hey, maybe not use at 16-year-old girl at all?!”

Brunetti called out Baldwin for going after Trump when he has his own alleged skeletons

Now here’s where it gets even worse for Hollywood. Baldwin fired back at Brunett asking the producer to produce the Screen Actors Guild waiver for “scenes involving physical contact with minors.”

Like the waiver would somehow magically make either one’s actions in casting and acting out sex scenes with a 16-year-old girl appropriate?

Guys, “waivers” don’t make this OK. At all.

As of the writing of this post, there’s been no comment on Twitter from Nikki Reed.

Two of alec the pig's pedo pals.

The now-familiar 2012 photograph of Alec Baldwin with James Toback interviewing Roman Polanski

Image result for picture of alec baldwin with bill clinton and jeff epstein

Wonderful life on the "Lolita Express"

Pervs of a feather.


When Ireland was just 11 years old, Baldwin left her a message filled with offensive language after she missed a scheduled phone call. He called Ireland a “rude, thoughtless, little pig.”




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How sweet, they "kissed" and made up, and Baldwin went on associating with, and protecting, his pervy pal.


Alec Baldwin and Harvey Weinstein have buried the hatchet following the short-fused 30 Rock actor's tirade at the Cannes Film Festival.

Earlier this week, THR reported about Baldwin's profane rant against the mogul at a May 17 Calvin Klein party, where he told anyone who would listen what a "douche bag" Weinstein is.

“I don’t care who knows,” he declared. “After the success he had at Cannes last year and all the f---ing Oscars, he’s still a f---ing douche bag! I can’t believe it.”

The source of Baldwin's spite: Weinstein's decision to opt out of participating in Seduced and Abandoned, the Cannes documentary he’s shooting with director James Toback about financing films at the fest. Francis Ford CoppolaNicole KidmanRoman Polanski, Martin Scorsese and Marion Cotillard are among the boldfaced names Baldwin recruited for interviews.

"This non-issue has been resolved," Baldwin's publicist, Matthew Hiltzik, told THR on Friday. "The film and the fundraising are far more important and interesting than this."

A Weinstein rep confirmed the Baldwin-Weinstein truce and said the Weinstein Co. co-chairman had been busy juggling multiple obligations and his lack of participation in Baldwin's documentary was due to his hectic schedule.

The New York Post's Page Six column first reported Baldwin's apology.

Baldwin removed himself as auction leader at Thursday's amfAR's Cannes fund-raiser -- co-hosted by Weinstein -- because he didn't want to be a distraction; instead, he showed up as a guest, writing a note to Weinstein that read: "HW, my apology to you and congratulations on a successful event."

“Alec couldn’t have been more gracious," Weinstein said. "We all lose our tempers sometime; trust me I have, too. We all appreciated his generosity to everyone at amfAR.”

1130 posted:

he thought she was 17?   what's the difference between 16 and 17 with a 46 year old man?   disgusting, double standard Hollywood scum

He tried to claim he thought she was 17, but the producer wouldn't let him get away with that lie. Yes, they are disgusting Hollywood scum, plus they're spread all over the US and the rest of the world.

Federal charges if a child under 18 is filmed in the nude.  

I see Kevin  Spacey is coming out of the closet after it was revealed he approached a 14 year old boy.  Hiding behind the rainbow flag, I guess.   

The La Brea tar pits are cleaner than the filth in Hellyweird.   

giftedamateur posted:

If Cory Feldman ever does name names it should be very interesting.

According to an article that I read, about Feldman, he did name names to a Police Department years ago when they were investigating Michael Jackson.  Because he didn't name Michael though they weren't interested in following up on the other names he had dropped.   I wonder how it will look if he names those names again and someone can go back and review what he reported to the police when they were investigating Michael Jackson?  

The really sad thing is that Cory said that Corey Haim's death was directly from being abused by a specific Hollywood Mogul that Corey Feldman has not yet named.  IF so, which I don't doubt, then someone should be in jail.  I would say though given how everyone seemingly is naming names right now there are a lot of sleepless people out in Hollywood possibly thinking about moving to Europe or somewhere else where there might not be an extradition possibility.  

Look at the protection the Hollywood liberals and the Democratic politicians are giving them. Look at the set up Bill and Hillary's pal Epstein had and the things he was doing that they kept quiet about, and if the truth be known Bill participated in with him, and how they protected Weinstein and took money from him.

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