According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third of Americans are dealing with some form of depression or anxiety directly related to Donald Trump’s presidency. The CDC estimates that TDD affects approximately 18 percent of children. An estimate from the nonprofit RTI International says that 42 percent of Americans will likely suffer some form of TDD by 2020, the year Mr. Trump will be up for re-election.





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Why are the yellow snowbies oblivious to the American hating
head hunters but have an out of control fear of the truth and
having to take care of themselves as responsible law abiding
citizens. Wish the dems had at least one of those around here. 


Watching many of the demonstrators and listening to many who were bold enough to be interviewed it was quickly apparent that they knew little to nothing, not only about Donald Trump and what he believes and just who he is, but knew very little if anything about our nations founding and the constitution and our government as it is.

Most all did not know how many Supreme Court Justices there are and most could not name the vice president current or past.  No one knew the order of succession to the Presidency and none could adequately answer a question posed to them about the Constitution itself.

Here they are protesting even seeking the overthrow of the Government as it is yet know nothing about the Government that we have and how it works.  These are the exact same people that would be cursing and decrying anyone that said a word against the election of Obama.  They are tolerant only to those who hold the exact same narrow views as they have and are hostile toward anyone that holds opposing views even though they protest against hate they exemplify hatred itself in their actions and speech.  They are great examples of the Hypocrisy that exist within the American left and liberals as well as  much of the Democratic party.    In short they are extremely ignorant and totally intolerant of  anyone of a dissenting opinion of their own.

That selfie avatar of yourself while sucking on some type of
viberateing toy could also be admissions of hidden passions due         
to the fact liberalism is a disease in itself, causing the heightened
state of twitterpation, it's just a involuntary reaction for wishful
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