to began collecting Alabama Sales Tax and much more

Starting November 1st, of this year, will began collecting Alabama sales tax on all purchases that are shipped to an Alabama address.  Politicians have been after this for a long time but in this case, as reported by

Amazon is going to collect taxes to the tune of 8% of the purchase price.  I don't know about most people on here but my shipping address, for my home, is in the county and the tax here is usually 5 1/2% so folks like myself will began to be overcharged an extra 2 1/2% in tax.   Now that doesn't seem like too much and given that we've been able to avoid taxes for a long time now maybe it's about time but there should be a provision for county taxes verses those within city limits which is higher.  Maybe that's been one reason has been able to overtake most brick and mortar stores and make Bezos or however you spell Amazon's founders name, the 3rd richest person in the World.  Pretty good compensation for an idea.

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Seems like I read, the 8% is divided; Fed. 4% and State 4% (general Fund) or 

State 4% (general Fund) & Municipal 4%.

Not positive, on allocation to whom, but it is a split of 8%, just not sure of the "Who" is getting each's 4% Cream... I'm sure there are some government officials Foaming at the Mouth for all that new tax money coming their way, thats already spent...from sales

Good by Innovative Sales Approach via Internet..Politicians & Lobbyist have just won the battle... & Best Buy, already charging sales taxes based on your shipping zip code & their brick & mortars. As democrats say, Everybody has got to "Pay Their Fair Share in Taxes" for all those Government Services provided to you, including you individuals, who buy on Amazon...It ain't the Rich this time...Its us consumer little guys paying more taxes. The gravy train of purchases with no taxes, is Over..


When commerce on the internet first begin, I was against taxing it for a couple of reason.  First, to allow companies to start up with as little problems as possible. Second, the software to add taxes was imperfect, at best, and might require a spreadsheet compiled by the seller, which would be cumbersome.  Commerce is now well ensconced on the net.  A combination of software improvement and a simplified tax law by Alabama ended my second objection.   The services we receive in state and local government must be paid for.  I prefer most services be as local, as possible, and costs be as reasonable as possible.  Central planning always costs more and tries to do too much, especially, when the planners are ignorant of local conditions.

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