American Flag ‘Means Nothing More Than Toilet Paper’

That's was my first thought Dire, it's not like I haven't had that 
thought a few dozen times, but that's the only pleasure pathetic
misguided sub-humans of that kind enjoy, that and carp.
Tomorrow for me will be like everyday, just proud to be here
and doing whatever I can to kept American great again.
Watching them attempt to erase my American history and at
the same time attempt to force their bogus lying corruption
they call their culture is at best unexplainable.
Just knowing how much they hate their lives,,,, welp,, that
just an upside I can live with..........



direstraits posted:

The only question one should ask her is, "why are you still here?"  There are about 200 nations on the globe.  Go to one where you won't feel so miserable.  

Maybe she could go to the Middle East where women are so revered. Heck, now they are even letting them drive in some places. And, NK needs some new sex slaves.

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