And if he were to be elected,

Trump wouldn't select an Attorney General who allowed the sales and distribution of 1500 firearms to the Mexican cartels, despite warnings from the gun shop owners.  Firearms without GPS or RFID sensors to track them.  Firearms, then used to murder Americans and Mexicans.  Why hasn't Holder been prosecuted for gun running and accessory to murder?

Nor, would Trump appoint a Secretary of State who specifically bypassed the Freedom of Information Act with a private server and private email address. Who even advised her assistant, Huma, by email that bypassing FOIA was the reason. Nor, would any Trump appointee give advise to overthrow a dictator, with no follow up plan.  (Obama admitted that killing Qadaffi, without a back up plan was one of his largest regrets.)  The overthrow of which allowed Libya's arms to flow to Syria to arm a small group called ISIS.  The arms also flowed south to arms Boko Haram and other terrorist gangs. 

Whoever Trump selects, it won't be such losers!

Someone or anyone who doesn't see the anti American traits
of mobama, then they are of the same anti American cult.
People shouldn't forget that mobama is neither American nor
Christian has and does lie easily about both.
As far as ISIS and other islam based murdering terrorist groups
are concerned, moboyma regrets "Nothing," how else could his
ragheads be so quickly spread throughout Europe and the west.


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