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Hillary Clinton poses in front of her ’emails’ at art exhibit in Venice

Hillary Clinton Mocks US From Abroad – Poses For Picture at Art Exhibit Displaying ‘The Hillary Clinton Emails’ in Venice

Hillary Clinton visited an art exhibit in Venice, Italy this week which displayed 60,000 pages of her ’emails’ she sent over her private server.

The artist, Kenneth Goldsmith, printed up 60,000 pages of Hillary Clinton’s emails that somehow managed to survive her BleachBit spree and called the exhibit, “HILLARY: The Hillary Clinton Emails.”

“Donald Trump said, ‘Where are her emails? Lock her up!’ And I said, ‘You know what? Here they are, and there’s really nothing to them.’ It’s kind of an anti-monument,” Goldsmith told artnet News. “Trump literally made a mountain out of a molehill.”

Hillary mocked Americans and posed for a picture in front of her ’emails’ at the art exhibit.

The Daily Mail reported that shortly after Hillary Clinton visited the Biennale Art exhibit and posed for a picture with her ’emails,’ she was ‘whisked away through Venice’s famed canals.’

Hillary Clinton thinks it’s funny that she transmitted classified material over her private server while she was Secretary of State.

This is why she is not the president of the United States and never will be.

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