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Looks like Marco's Pizza will be opening a new Florence Blvd location in the shopping complex that is located at the corner of Old Huntsville Rd and Florence Blvd (2nd building group from the actual corner).  I stopped by and ask those working at getting the store ready and they said they hope to open around Mid-December around the 14th or so.  

I've never had Marco's but at least they are going to have delivery, carryout, a drive up window and the ability to eat inside, if you want.  It's not the biggest of storefronts but hopefully they will do good.  Their Company URL/Web link is:


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riverzurinsky posted:

According to their Delivery Map, their delivery area will stop at Wood Avenue. How come Downtown and the UNA campus aren't in their delivery area?

I feel I should go into more detail. If Marco's Pizza ends their delivery area at Wood Avenue, I seem them missing out on at least 4,500 customers. To get these 4,500 customers all they would have to do is extend their delivery area west by 4 blocks. I estimate 3,000 students live on the UNA campus most of the year, I estimate 500 people work in downtown and need lunch from somewhere, and I estimate 1,000 people live in the Courtview Tower's apartment complex. My numbers may be slightly off but even if they are slightly off I think you get my point. All Marco's would have to do is extend their delivery area 4 blocks west to Cedar Street, this would give them Courtview Towers(Cedar Street), Downtown(Court Street/Seminary Street), and the UNA campus(Pine Street). Sounds like a no brainer to me!

daddy joe posted:

Marco's in Bham is excellent!

Thank you for that comment, I look forward to trying them out even more now.  

I'm always glad to hear of a new pizza place in the Shoals area.  Pizza is one thing I miss most about my time living in the Atlanta area.  There were two Pizza stores there that had the best NY style Pizza pies, "I Love NY Pizza" and Fellinis not too far from Buckhead and downtown.   &

Another great NY Pizza source is if you are ever in Panama City, Florida because there is another NY Pizza restaurant there Called New York Famous Pizza & Pasta

When I  lived in Ft Wayne Indiana I had my first sampling of Chicago type (thick cheese) Pizza where it wasn't sold by the inch size but rather by the pound (weight).  That pizza restaurant was called Oley's Pizza

If Marco's is anything near like any of the above I'll be one happy (future regular) customer.

Don't known Unclegus but if I was the franchisee and had all those extra hungry mouths just a short bit farther I do believe I would find a way to expand it.  I would recommend making the suggestion at their website or to the store manager once they get up and running.   I do know many places do curtail some things while in training until their employees get up and running.  

Remember that Lawler's BBQ in Killen, for weeks, didn't take walk in orders but only took drive in window orders until they got their staff adequately trained then took walk-in/carryout orders.   So I'd say it's a possibility that might be the case and also could be that after opening and gauging their delivery time, driver's abilities and those kind of things that they make adjustments to their territory they cover.   I don't know that much about the Pizza delivery business but I'd venture a guess their area was pre-determined based upon other locations and their results and if that's the case, Florence traffic being different, I'd hope it might be a possibility.

Looks like Marco's Pizza will be opening December 22nd, at least according to the folks inside.  Here are some photos I was able to take.  I didn't get the inside eating area but there are going to be several areas to eat inside.  Glad to see another eat in Pizza place.



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