Another reason I've been finished with ESPN for a few years now

ESPN’s Spain: Ravens Polling Fans About Signing Kaepernick ‘Disgusting,’ ‘Repulsive’

Monday on “Around the Horn,” ESPN’s Sarah Spain ripped the Baltimore Ravens for their decision to gauge fans’ interest in bringing on free agent Colin Kaepernick to fill in for injured quarterback Joe Flacco, calling the move “disgusting” and “repulsive.”

“[T]he idea that they would think that this is a time they need to poll their fans and care about whether people want to see a player in the league is disgusting,” Spain argued.

“It’s repulsive to me that someone who hasn’t even committed a crime and did nothing more than speak out against something that is a serious issue in our society and is now donating millions of dollars and time to that issue is somebody that we need to ask the public if they are willing to watch play football,” she continued. “It’s gross.”


The reason the NFL is successful sure didn't come from Spain or idiots like her,
the Ravens want to make money, Kaepudinck is a money loser...........



The stupidity of liberals, ability to ignore their ignorance

and to Destroy what gives them freedom


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