Antifa can't compare to Klan, neo-****s

The KKK and fascists are pretty much spent rounds.  Even the SPLC states they numbers are low.

If, we measure from the crimes of the members of each, antifa is worse.  The NSDAP murdered about 10 million in the death camps -- a truly vile record.  Antifa is made up of mostly communists and anarchists.  Communists by planned famines and in the gulags slaughtered about 180 million.  Guess that makes the antifa 18 times as bad as those they demonstrate against.  

1130 posted:

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You have to admit that Winston is trying hard to put lipstick on this pig called antifa, but they are still pigs. Anti-American pigs and terrorists. Aapat should be their name.


The false equivocation of the alt-left “Antifa” movement to the alt-right KKK/white supremacist community is startling.

While the alt-left has existed in various forms at different periods, protesting different movements, the current Antifa have gained the undeserved status of being equated to the Klan and neo-**** community.

While the alt-right has long awaited this showdown, Antifa groups have a long way to go before they reach the status of the original American terrorist organization, the KKK. And they aren’t even close to **** status. To date, Antifa has claimed exactly zero lives in their ill-conceived crusades against the alt-right.


Moreover, Antifa is much more American than these white supremacist groups.

While America certainly has a reprehensible racial past, the seeds of the modern alt-right community are found in the **** party, whose original rhetoric informs much of the white supremacist dialogue today. How and when did these ****s get here? And when did they adopt the Confederate flag?

Regardless of how one feels about that flag, it is not the same as a **** flag; it would be wise for folks who support the public display of the Confederate flag to denounce that symbol’s co-option by the original global terror network.


While the alt-left and the alt-right are certainly both morally reproachable, the alt-left hasn’t earned the right to be equivocated to the Klan. While we can certainly denounce their actions, let’s not forget America’s, nor the world’s, original terrorists.

Winthrop Armistead

Kraven posted:

he said,

"Moreover, Antifa is much more American than these white supremacist groups."

He's an idiot, Antifa is Nascism without the brand, a raghead
without the rag hat.    

He keeps talking about Charolettesville. One, about the girl killed, that may not have been an intended attack, two, if she had not been trying to take away peoples' freedom of speech she would be alive today. Antifa can't compare to the Klan is true, antifa is much worse.

Not just her, but all of the antifa gang put themselves on the
front lines when they attacked a peaceful protest. Antifa
started the violence but the cry baby chicken s*** thugs
wouldn't own their part or their actions.
Cowardly liberals should stay in your little pink hat parade's
or stay on the porch.

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