Any Predictions?

For someone in our grandparents generation, living today, I wonder what the greatest change is that they thought they might never see?  I envision that some of the greatest changes might be in the area of Communications where almost everyone, today, is walking around with a telephone and multifunction gadget on, or in, their pocket.  Cell Phones have revolutionized how everyone does things anymore what with giving us the ability to stay connected with each other to almost every corner of the Earth.  Then there is the Internet itself and the vast amount of information and resources available through it.  I would think these two area might qualify for being the greatest changes but then technology alone could encompass all of that and more.  

What about the future, our future, if we somehow can make it to that point in time.   I think that the future that many of us will never see will have the following.

  • Routine Space Travel - I believe that one day we will see life on other planets and worlds and that we will take it there.  I believe Mars will be developed as well as potentially places on our own Moon.
  • Non-Human intervention - I think the trend is to head toward a non-human controlled world.  I believe our future will be one where cars, vehicles, and other ways of transporting ourselves around will be automatic and done without human intervention.  
  • Flying vehicles - I believe that the day is soon coming when the skies will be our new highways to wherever people are going to.  There will have to be new laws and rules drawn up but I believe that future transportation will incorporate flying vehicles that are not bound to our current streets and highways.  
  • A world without Cancer and some other diseases that have plagued us.  I believe we are close to developing the means and understanding to attack and potentially cure many of the diseases that have plagued mankind and been considered a death sentence when they are discovered.  I think that many of the cures will be found to be manipulated cells from within our own body.  Either way I believe that the future will present cures to many of the disease that we have considered incurable to this point.
  • Robots will become almost as commonplace in households as televisions and even cell phones.  Artificial Intelligence will greatly advance the abilities and functionality of robots and creations that will do so much more in the future than we can even conceive of now.  

There are also many other predictions that I could make but the ones above are the ones I believe are going to be most profound.  Then again someone could come along and invent something totally foreign to anyone today and we'll have to add a space for that unknown.  I do fear that food may become far more scarce and that we will have to overcome a tendency to hand our jobs over to machines and robots and be the source of our own demise.  I also believe that more and more people will be in a situation where they need assistance and find themselves in poverty and that the gap between the have and have nots will increase dramatically as the "middle class" dissolves away into the rich and the poor.  Well that's my guesses I'm sure others will have their own take.  So what's your suggestion/ideas/guesses?

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )
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