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I've always liked Arby's Roast Beef restaurant.  I know there are plenty of sub-type restaurants now such as Jimmy John's, Subway, Lenny's, Momma Goldens, and, although not in this area, Jersey Mikes & Firehouse Subs, but Arby's is unique in their Roast Beef selections.  Years ago they did, for a while, have direct competition from a company/restaurant called RAX Roast Beef ( and they were expanding greatly throughout the us and had a great product but something happened and overnight they started disappearing.  I don't know if they ever will expand to the level they did back in the 1980's.  

As for this thread/topic I wanted to specifically mention Arby's because I was able to try their Smokehouse Turkey sandwich and it was extremely tasty and good.   I'm not used to the thick meats on an Arby's sandwich but in this case it worked great and was very tasty.  I plan on returning quite a few times to try it again as well as sample the Smokehouse Chicken selection.  Arby's also experimented, for a while, with Venison and it went over very well in some locations but I haven't heard if they plan on making it a reoccurring menu selection.  I do though hope that the Smokehouse selections become a regular offering as I had stopped eating at Arby's as much when they discontinued the Junior size sandwiches but with the Smokehouse selections (Turkey, Brisket, Pork Belly, & Chicken) I'll have to revisit that decision.  

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Well I actually decided to go again yesterday and this time they allowed me to try the Smokehouse Chicken sandwich.  My preference is the Smokehouse Turkey.  I wanted to try the Cajun Smokehouse Turkey  but from what I understand it was so popular that it was sold out.   If you are planning to go and want to try Cajun you might call either the Florence Blvd or Muscle Shoals store to see if they have the Cajun Turkey.

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 I heard it was 2.4 million.

One or two well placed Buffalo Wild Wings restaurants these days could cost 2.4 Million dollars depending on where they are.  The 2.4 BILLION is a more accurate number given the size of the company and the number of restaurants that BWW has.

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