Where do you go to find archived obituaries from May 2005? Confused

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The search, located in the top righthand on the home page, and below the navigation bar on nearly every other page. This searches the entire TimesDaily.com archives.

Andrea, how far back do the TD archives go?

I've searched for items I know ought to be on there (because I have saved copies of them, including the url, date, author, etc.) but searches reveal absolutely nothing.

And, what plans for improving the archived are are there?
The TimesDaily.com archives currently go back to the late 1990s. There are currently no plans to take these back further, however this is subject to change.

We're still working out a few kinks with the new search launched this week--we appreciate your patience.

Remember, the archives only contain stories written by TimesDaily staff. No news we receive from the wires is available in our archives. Therefore, if you have something with a byline attributed to an AP (Associated Press) writer, it will not be in the archives.

The best way to search is by using keywords from the article--names of people, companies, places, or subject topic. Author will give you too many hits.

If you try all of these and still have no luck I'm always happy to help via email.
I have been looking for a obit that I know was in the Times Daily in May 2005, but cannot find it. I have searched over and over but come up with nothing. Can you HELP?
I really wish that TD would go back much further for Obits, ... there are some people who have lost loved ones and just to have a site to visit their 'name' would be nice.

My Mom died in 1993
Yes, I wish the TD would have obits for atleast 10 years + back. I know many people who research their families, who have been gone for a while.

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