Iran shoots down a US Military Drone and it seems that many in Washington are itching for, if not demanding, a war with Iran.  I don't believe that America should stand by idly while Iran makes moves on the World Stage to attempt to destabilize the Middle East and nor should the US be idle if Iran attacks one of our allies or our own interest in that region but when you send up a military drone in Iran's territory you should expect some kind of action from them.

I know it was said it was in international territories and it may have been but often, quite more often than many of us would like to think, mistakes happen or deliberate misdirections happen and what is said isn't always what happens.   

Given recent events there is no doubt that Iran is playing a dangerous game and has taken hostile actions worthy of retaliation.  No doubt in my mind, also, is that there are military people on both sides, Iran and the US, who are desiring conflict with each other and given the current mood in the region and with so much hardware there it's highly likely that there will be some kind of military conflict happen.  The real question is how limited will it be and can the sides pull back from an all out engagement if something does happen?  Only time will answer that question but unlike Obama Trump doesn't allow the crossing of lines drawn in the sand or red lines.  

I would really not like to see a war in the region but like many things it may be inevitable given the nature of Iran's leadership.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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We all remember how Gen George Custer was defeated. Small dogs
don't nip at large dogs without backup.
One example, John Brennan was CIA chief and converted Islamic,
we have no idea what the deep state has done during Obumer's
coup attempt. If you think that's a little far fetched rethink 9/11.

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