AT&T / Time Warner Merger/Purchase/Acquisition

Does everyone remember when the Government declared that AT&T was "Too Big" and needed to be broken up where all the "baby bells" were sold off where Bell South and all the other Bells were sold off?  Today AT&T is much larger (I believe) than it ever was and worth far more in value with far more influence and power.  Today AT&T has it's hand in so many pots that hard to name them all from entertainment, U-Verse and Satellite TV,  as well as Cellular Phone (Wireless) and as well as phone service mostly through Voice over IP rather than hard wire cables.  AT&T, I submit, may not be a monopoly but is far more powerful and influential than at any time in history.  Whereas before they were mostly or only involved in landline phone service today they are in direct competition with cellular phone service with Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon and with Cable and Satellite Entertainment providers such as DISH Network and Comcast/Charter Cable.

I'm not saying that the judge should have prevented AT&T from assuming Time Warner but it's interesting that the power they have has grown rather than being controlled by the government. Today there are other potential Monopolies that are beyond government control and are entities of their own so powerful and disruptive of other like industries.  Google and to name just two.

Be as the Bereans ( Acts 17:11 )

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AT&T is a monopoly, they're crooked with a history of cheating
people out of money. When I finally got the guy on the phone
to admit they were slamming my program into a higher rate
he just said "what are you going to do about it,
I'll destroy your credit."

I recall the Bell Company was the largest company in the World & an entrenched Monopoly. My grandmother worked for Northern Bell when she retired w/ 25+ years service. Seems like the Baby Bells would handle the Local Telephone services & ATT would handle the long distance services. After the breakup, it reduced ATT value to only 30% of what it once was as Bell Company.

Today with all the merger & acquisitions occurring. Mature companies who don't acquire others will be on the outside of the growth curve. As the Economy has begun to kick into high gear. There are more jobs than skilled workers to fill positions. Which means more folks have more money to spend on phone/Content up grades. 

Not sure if it's all Good or Bad as of yet. Just know you will have fewer companies to choose from for the content you find acceptable for viewing or utilizing for everyday necessities.

Disney wants to buy Fox assets, but will Comcast be another looser if they don't participate in the Bidding war for Fox? If you are a Fox Share Holder, you are sitting on a money making asset if bidding war heats up. After the Judges announcement, Look at "after hours" action yesterday for FOXA, ..the whole segment of similar business all went up in value today.

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